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What Is T1M24J ? TheT1M24J truck rental is the book that is easy and fun. Now, with T1M24J, we can give you a quote in under 30 seconds. The price we pay is fixed and transparent. The price you see on this website is the price you will pay! We take companies who are experienced and have a good reputation as a partner to ensure your goods safely reach their destinations. Try now for natural TheLorry a new way to book a rental car in Malaysia. Read our FAQ



We are a company registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)

The T1M24j  is what exactly?

We are a platform for connecting companies with customers. We work closely with companies to ensure that service standards were determined.

Services are offered by T1M24j

We offer service and transportation workers for the jobs move (home or office) and general cargo.Additional services such as packing, wrapping, install / install and the boxes are also offered on request.

I did not meet my area.

If you do not see your area on the website, can contact 

How to find the perfect employee?

You can order workers to tasks lifting and unloading in the third step in the booking process.

Why The T1M24j need 2 days between the day of booking and the day of?

This ensures we can plan trips and transportation to ensure your transportation reservations.

I'm not sure the truck size should I choose.

Please contact for further assistance.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay the driver when the transport get to your destination or through an online payment.

What if I have a few pick-up / delivery?

Please contact for further assistance.

What if my luggage does not fit in the truck ordered?

You can book a second trip at the same rate.

I have a company that requires a truck regularly. I need a lower price.

Can. Please call us to discuss further.

I had a transport company and are interested in joining T1M24j

We welcome companies to join the network T1M24J. Please contact  to discuss further.

How to cancel a reservation that was made?

Please phone, SMS or Whatsapp reservation number to +60 17 8862651


Broad Vendor Network

With over 1000 trucks and vans in our network, we can connect the appropriate vendor for your needs. This lets you save time because you no longer need to contact the transport companies to ask if they were 'available' or not. We guarantee your company will transport the 'available' for you after making your reservation.


We will try our best to ensure your items safely reach their destinations. We will first examine the background of truck companies in our network to ensure they have the relevant licenses and expertise to deliver your goods.

Quote Immediate And Permanent

Get a quote in under 30 seconds! Furthermore, too many bad stories out there where companies are not responsible for the excessive charge to the customer. With T1M24J, the price is determined by the price that will be paid on the day of transfer. Overage charges will only apply if the goods are not fit for trucks and lorries have booked a second trip.

Friendly Customer Service

In T1M24J, we will try our best to provide professional customer service and quality to all our customers. Our policy is "Customers First" - we will try to treat every request received. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can call us and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.


Have a question or comment?