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24 Hours Breakdown Roadside Services Accident Claim Executive Recovery Tow Truck & Car Carrier Semenanjung Sabah & Sarawak 0178862651 1mttcc Auto Assist


Accident Assist is a HELPLINE for roadside emergencies that is available 24 hours/7 days a week covering the following services, NATIONWIDE:-
• Emergency Roadside Assistance – connection to ambulance, police, fire brigade or general      repairs
• Assistance on Towing Service (self-paid)
• Assistance to check coverage & to connect with own Insurance Company
• General motor insurance claim enquiry
• Accident procedural enquiry
• Notification of Complaints
• Notification of fraudulent practices

1MTTCC is a public service provided by caring Malaysian Insurance Companies and Takaful Providers as an Industry, to the general public while on the road, who desire immediate roadside assistance whether resulting from a road accident or a breakdown or if you just ran out of petrol. Accident Assist will also respond to basic or common enquiries relating to insurance claim coverage and procedures or regarding your own specific motor policy details. It will also assist to transfer your call to your own insurance company’s call centre.
It is a dedicated tele-service line manned by experienced customer service officers operating 24 hours daily.
1MTTCC is a free add-on service on top of the contractual obligations of your own policy coverage, with the aim of enhancing the overall services of Insurers and Takaful Operators during your journey on any roads in Malaysia. It seeks to provide you with instantaneous roadside assistance interactively and on demand.