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Even if your car fails to go, and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, fear not,all 1mtt&cc Auto Assist customers have access to our free, 24 hour Auto Assist program.

Here's what you get:

• 24 hour Emergency Towing & Minor Roadside Repair

• Emergency Messaging Service for you to contact

your family and others in the event of an accident

1mttcc Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown

24 Hour Roadside Repairs:Our technicians will liaise with you to determine whether your vehicle can be repaired on the road. Roadside repairs will be subjected up to a maximum of two (2) hours labour. The service does not cover the cost of any spare parts required during the repairs

24 Hour Towing Service:If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the roadside, we will provide free unlimited towing service to the nearest workshop (chosen by 1mttcc Auto Assist. If you choose another workshop and the distance between the breakdown location and the choosen workshop is more than 50 km, you shall bear additional distance charges at rate of RM 3.00 per km

Assistance in the case of an accident

We will arrange for your car to be towed to the nearest workshop chosen by 1mttcc Auto Assist

Emergency Medical Assistance

If a medical emergency arises following a breakdown or accident, we will arrange for an ambulance (or other means of transportation) to take you (and/or other injured parties) the nearest medical centre or hospital.1mttcc Auto Assist shall not be responsible for any transportation cost.

Out of country assistance (Singapore and Thailand)

Should you meet with an accident or your vehicle breaks down while in Singapore or Thailand, you are entitled to the following services (This is applicable to vehicle registered to 1mtt&cc Auto Assist only

24 Hours Towing Service:We will provide free towing services to the nearest workshop chosen by 1mtt&cc Auto Assist within Singapore or Thailand

Vehicle Repatriation to Malaysia:We could assist you in arranging the repatriation of your vehicle to Malaysia. We shall not be responsible for any repatriation costs

If you are in Singapore or Thailand please call +60 3 42700 300

Friends and Family Assistance

If you're with your friends or family when they experience a vehicle breakdown,

they are entitled to the following benefits:

24 Hour Roadside Repairs: We will arrange to send a technician to the location of the breakdown to attempt to repair the stranded vehicle. 1mttcc Auto Assist hall not be responsible for any labour costs, or that of or spare parts, incurred during the repair.

24 Hour Towing Service: If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the roadside, we will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest workshop chosen by 1mtt&cc Auto Assist. All costs incurred during the assistance shall be borne by you and/or your friends and family http://1mttccauto360.simplesite.com/418695229

1mttcc auto360

1 Malaysia Tow Truck & Car Carrier auto360

Harga: 160.00 MYR
Servis apakah yang ditawarkan oleh 1malaysia-Tow-Truck-Car-Carrier-1mttcc ? Kami menawarkan servis menunda dan bekerja bagi kerja-kerja memindah (lot parking dan kerja umum. Servis cas tambahan seperti ‘tambah masa jarak lokasi menunggu’, Roadside servis, penghantaran minyak petrol/mengganti serta memasang roda kenderaan dan Jumper batery juga ditawarkan atas permintaan 1mtt&cc Auto Assist - 1mttccautoassist.simplesite.com - http://1mttccautoassist.simplesite.com/418258883